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Method 1: use multifunctional decontamination cream
Most of the ceramic tiles are dirty by scale, grease, soap, etc. Especially at the joints of the ceramic tiles, it is easy to hide the dirty scale. In order to keep the porcelain surface clean without damaging the brightness of the porcelain surface, you can use multi-functional detergent to clean it. In the gaps of the ceramic tiles, the toothbrush is smeared with detergent to remove the stain, and the toothbrush is smeared with waterproof agent to prevent the growth of mold.
Method 2: Antifouling on the surface of glass brick is the key
The disadvantage of glass bricks is that after polishing, the pores are exposed, and dust and oil stains are easy to penetrate. Industry insiders said that this is a recognized topic in the industry, but some manufacturers have solved this problem with new technologies after research. Many brands of products have not undergone anti-fouling treatment, and are sold as qualified products. Consumers do not know the situation, and they will get dirty if they do not pay attention when paving, and consumers ask clearly when purchasing, The glass bricks without anti-pollution treatment should be waxed during use, and the floor wax is generally enough. Before laying, in order to avoid damaging the brick surface during construction, it is necessary to use woven bags and other things that are difficult to decolor to cover the brick surface firmly.
Floor tile manufacturer: How to construct floor tiles?
1. There is also a combination of tiles, which means that tiles with different sizes, colors and designs are paved in a certain combination way. Generally, marble and tiles with a slightly darker color than the main tiles can be used to surround the edge of about 15cm around the ground. The paving effect gives people a feeling of more refined materials and more space atmosphere.
2. Tile paving is now mostly used for straight paving, which can be divided into horizontal paving or vertical paving. It is suitable for simple style. The tiles are laid parallel to the wall, and the tiles are sewn together without gaps. The tiles are sewn together with caulking agents of similar color to the tiles. It looks very beautiful and refreshing. There are also font paving methods. This is the paving method that imitates the wooden floor, which is mostly used for the paving of wooden tiles and a few kinds of imitative tiles.
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